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Interactive Digital Board – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this fast-paced, tech-driven world, interactive digital boards are capturing the hearts of children and corporate people – helping them learn by seeing, hearing, and interacting (in real-time) with the display through touch. 

The technology proves that the collaboration of multiple people in a learning environment brings amazing results.

If you’re looking to invest in an interactive digital board for your classroom or company, read this guide till the end.

What Is An Interactive Digital Board?

An interactive digital board, also known as an interactive flat panel display or interactive whiteboard, is a large display board that works similar to a touchscreen computer. 

Or you can say that it is a standalone computer capable of performing all tasks and operations independently.

Figure 1 interactive digital board
Figure 1 interactive digital board

What Can An Interactive Digital Board Be Used To Do?

Interactive digital board is a tool most commonly used in school and the workplace. It comes with a touchscreen display that allows you to accomplish a wide range of tasks simultaneously that an analog whiteboard can’t do, such as taking notes, capturing images, sharing screens, etc.

Before, employees used to physically write notes on conventional whiteboards or take photos of the board to save their work. The board takes away that time and hassle: by bringing them into the digital era.

Now, notes can be written down on the touchscreen surface, easily shared, archived, and saved as digital content.

Figure 2 Old-fashioned Whiteboard in Meeting Room
Figure 2 Old-fashioned Whiteboard in Meeting Room

What Does An Interactive Digital Board Look Like?

An interactive digital board looks similar to traditional whiteboards, aka smartboards.

The major difference is touch recognition which enhances the collaborative experience in the learning environment.

The display comes with infrared touchscreen technology; thus, its use spread like wildfire across the world.

Figure 3 Portable Interactive Digital Board
Figure 3 Portable Interactive Digital Board

Do All Interactive Digital Boards Need A Projector?

The latest LCD digital board features internal processing and programs that don’t need a projector to operate.

The programs allow you to draw images, write content live during business meetings, and offer many other things.

Shortly, the projector-based whiteboards will entirely be replaced by these giant touch screen monitors – as LCD screens get cheaper and people become more knowledgeable regarding its benefits.

Figure 4 Smart Projector Board
Figure 4 Smart Projector Board

What Are the Top Four Reasons That Interactive Digital Boards Takes Precedence Over Projectors?

Due to the following major reasons, interactive digital board, instead of projector-based display, is used in various settings, including classrooms, workgroups, corporate board rooms, broadcasting studios, training rooms for sports professionals, and others.

#1 Easy installation

A fully integrated board that is not projector-based takes a few hours to install.

In contrast, a projector-based display takes a day or two.

Watch the video of its installation

#2 Easy configuration

The configuration of interactive boards is very simple; you can have your new display running the same day.

No major programming is required, which welcomes the faster deployment of the technology.

#3 No noise and heating up

Projectors are noisy as they come with the cooling fan, making noises coming on.

Likewise, various components within a projector can heat up after a certain period of usage.

So to avoid overheating issues, a person is required to shut it down after every 2 to 3 hours, which interrupts the learning process.

But this is not the case with interactive digital boards, and there will be a pin drop silence and no interruption during your use.

#4 Safe to use

They are safe to use, unlike projectors where users have to avoid direct contact with the beam generated from its use, leading to the damage of human eyes.

How Does An Interactive Digital Board Work?

The interactive digital board uses infrared touchscreen technology to track the movement of the pen or finger on the display.

When touching the surface, the finger interrupts the infrared light invisible to the human eye.

Even a precise touch could create a disturbance in a uniform beam of light; hence give a
touch command.

Moreover, it has inbuilt software whose core is the Android and Windows operating system.

Android OS is used in high-level LCD models with a built-in camera and microphone, making it suitable for video conferencing.

In contrast, Windows OS is used in low-level LCD models that come without cameras and microphones, most commonly used in schools.

In short, the set of features of interactive display depends on the operating system installed on it.

Figure 5 Electronic Whiteboard is Shut Off
Figure 5 Electronic Whiteboard is Shut Off

What Are The Main Features of Interactive Digital Boards?

There are numerous features that make the interactive display more attractive and useful than just a touch-operated device.

Here we’ll discuss four of them

  1. Tempered protective glass protects the sensitive flat panel of the interactive display, which ensures the long life of the device. Also, reliable screen protection allows you to focus more on the work without interruption.
  2. The LCD flat panel is implemented in an interactive touch board designed for a peculiar working environment. This heavy-duty device can operate for hours.
  3. Their wide viewing angles ensure the displayed content is visible to all.
  4. Its easy-to-use yet flexible, interactive software provides the necessary toolsets like 3D objects, highlighter, annotation, artificial Intelligence pen, subject tools, etc., for collaborating on-screen effectively.
Figure 6 Tempered Glass
Figure 6 Tempered Glass

Is Interactive Digital Board The Best Option for Online Teaching?

When combined with Google Classroom (online teaching app), an interactive digital board streamlines your ability to teach online lessons effectively.

Indeed, they are a staple of face-to-face interaction and tools like Zoom and Canva are no longer sufficient due to students’ missing active involvement.

However, with the use of Google classroom during remote sessions, teachers can still
recreate that interactive experience with their students.

Google Classroom app is a free e-learning tool for teachers and students looking to make the best use of it.

The app offers numerous benefits to students and teachers by making remote
communication interactive and easy.

It allows teachers to go paperless and create a professional online classroom environment where students create and share assignments in real-time.

You can write notes, draw diagrams, and interact virtually (during lessons) with your

This combination of interactive digital board and Google classroom app takes
teacher-students collaboration to the next level.

Not only does it help to maintain a student’s interest during the session, but it also allows you to see if a student has opened an assignment and if they are currently working on it.

Thus, tracking each student’s progress becomes easy.

Figure 7 Interactive Digital Board for Online Teaching
Figure 7 Interactive Digital Board for Online Teaching

How Do You Write On An Interactive Digital Board?

The interactive digital board comes with built-in colorful pen tools and one eraser.

Although it is not necessary to use the pens to write on the board, they do make writing more intuitive – it works the same as your normal pen would do.

To write on it, you’ll need to pick up a pen tool (usually available in black, blue, red, and green color) from the pen tray.

The color recognition doesn’t come from the pen itself, but it comes from the optical sensors built-in to the pen tray slot.

Likewise, to erase your digital ink, pick up the eraser tool from the pen tray and move it smoothly over your notes.

How To Integrate Interactive Digital Boards Into Everyday Teaching?

If you’ve got the chance to use an interactive digital board in your classroom, your first step should be towards making students feel comfortable with the new technology – no matter what their age is or skills they own.

Since it’s not much different from the tablets or smartphones, they’re already using. You just need to give them a brief tutorial on how to use this new device.

Here are a few samples of how to integrate your board for everyday teaching.

#1 Pair up your students

Set a question around a certain topic, and ask a pair of students to develop possible solutions. Give each pair enough time so they can think.

Permit them to share their answers in a voice note. This way, your students will learn about this technology and be more engaged than ever before.

#2 Record lessons

With interactive software, you can record notes made by students for future reference. Later, all of these recorded lessons can be saved, shared, and printed.

#3 Group interaction

When you create small groups to interact in the same lesson on the IDB, each student can participate in the lesson and join the fun.

Figure 8 Interactive Digital Board Group interaction
Figure 8 Interactive Digital Board Group interaction

There will be no fear of being wrong because each person comes with a different perspective. As mentioned above, Google Meeting is the best app for encouraging group interaction.

  • Here are a few guidelines to follow to make your everyday teaching effective:
  • Build up a fair system so that each person gets the chance to hold the stylus.
  • Ensure that every student knows the correct amount of pressure they should put on the surface. Students may push too hard on the board so keep a check when they use it for the first time.
  • Help them select the features on the toolbar they can use to create lessons.
  • Inform them of the Undo function if they make a mistake.

Indeed, the inbuilt features of these touch screen interactive digital boards perfectly overcome the outdated projector technology (aka smartboard) that comes with a problem like burnt-out bulbs, noise, heat, shadows, lighting, etc, which creates hurdles during the teaching process.

How To Choose A proper Interactive Digital Board?

Interactive digital boards consist of the LCD screen, infrared touch frame with built-in IR LEDs and sensors.

Your decision to buy the equipment depends on multiple factors, such as

  • Whether you need 10-point touch or 20-point touch?
  • What screen size is suitable for your audience? If you have a small team of five members or less, a 65″ screen would be a good choice. For larger groups of more than ten personnel, 84″ to 98″ screen size will keep everyone engaged.
  • What operating system is best to perform day-to-day tasks? For example, if there’s a need for video conferencing, Android-based displays are best to invest in.
  • What types of presentation files your school or company works with? This consideration will allow you to choose the device compatible with multiple MS Office file formats (Words, Excel, PowerPoint) commonly used by businesses.

Moreover, you’ll need to consider the display’s smooth gesture recognition, level of strength and durability, and short response time that make certain model professionals’ number one choice.

How Long Do Interactive Digital Boards Last?

Manufacturers of the interactive digital board typically give a three-year onsite warranty, but you can expect its life span beyond this, between 5-8 years – depending on its usage and maintenance.

The more you use it with care, the longer these displays will provide you benefits.

How To Maintain An Interactive Digital Board?

Generally, interactive digital boards require low maintenance. However, if maintained regularly, the device will work for an expected life span without any issues.

4 Tips to Maintain Your Device

  • Always use a non-abrasive cloth to clean your interactive touchscreen display. The fabric must be dampened with distilled water or any other liquid specially used for cleaning.
  • Do not spray the liquid directly onto the surface; otherwise, over-saturation would create problems in touch. Always apply the solution first on the cloth.
  • Pen sensors may stop working due to accumulated dust. It is advisable to use pressurized air to remove dust particles.
  • Before cleaning it thoroughly, test a small screen area as most of the displays are not waterproof.
Figure 9 Maintain Your Device


  • Before beginning the cleaning process, make sure you disconnect all the cables
  • Don’t rub the screen forcefully with a finger or cloth. Be gentle when cleaning the board
  • Do not use alcohol-based cleaners; otherwise, your screen will get damaged permanently
  • Never use permanent markers on the display

What Is the Price of An Interactive Digital Board?

The interactive digital board price normally falls between $500 to $3,000, depending on each model’s features.

Now, you might be thinking the cost is high as compared to traditional smart boards, right?

Well, interactive touch boards are not just one thing, and they perfectly accommodate numerous settings like classroom discussions, brainstorming sessions, business conferences, and a lot more.

Because it offers a multisensory learning approach (VAKT) in schools and other learning organizations, the cost is a bit high.

Last words

From the research available, it has now become clear that the interactive digital board is widely considered to be a motivational asset.

It is used in classrooms at all levels of education, workgroups, corporate boardrooms, sports training rooms, broadcasting studios, and other places.

Many high-tech manufacturers in China specialize in producing interactive digital boards for education and business, so learn this guide to make your decision wisely.

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