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Interactive Flat Panel with IR Touchscreen

We produce interactive flat panels to facilitate communication and collaboration in commercial activities and promote education in classrooms efficiently.

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Commercial Display Solutions

interactive flat panels homepage

Interactive Flat Panels

interactive board, LCD whiteboard, portable electronic whiteboard

Classrooms and meeting rooms are always interactive spaces that require touchscreen smartboards, like IFPD/IWB, to display information efficiently. Nowadays, with 5G technology, IFPD realizes distance learning and remote meeting with no delay. By mounting to a portable structure, it can also be used as digital signage to show any information or posters at your disposal.

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Digital Signages

outdoor digital signage, totem digital signage

Digital signages are more flexible than traditional posters, you can change the displaying contents effortlessly through cloud-based storages. They are widely used indoors and outdoors, for example, in the storefront, mall, office, bar, school, bank, conference room, waiting room, bus station, cineplex, elevator, hotel lobby, workplace, stadium, restaurant, and so on.

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Digital Kiosks

touch screen kiosks, information kiosks, advertising kiosks

Digital Kiosks have made modern life easier. You can find them everywhere, shops, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, banks, subways, airports, and so on. They serve you 24/7 without any complaint. Being with a user-friendly interface, these kiosks can help you with almost anything, such as ordering food, picking tickets, localizing your position in a super mall, and, most importantly, advertising, for example, in the hand sanitizer kiosks.


Application video meeting homepage

Video Conferencing

The interactive flat panel makes it possible to collaborate and communicate with colleagues or business partners from the four corners of the earth.

Application classroom homepage


As display technology advances, education in classrooms becomes more efficient and interesting. Nowadays, online teaching with 5G is increasingly popular.

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Fast Food Shop

The self-order kiosk means a lot to the retail of fast food. By improving the checkout process, McDonald’s speeds up consumers’ checkout experience and saves costs.

Application Cinema homepage


The ticketing kiosks in cinemas are gaining popularity in recent years as smartphones develop. You can order a movie from the apps and take your tickets from kiosks at any time.

About Us

OkDigitalSignage workshop

Since 2005, OkDigitalSignage has been engaged in the field of commercial display. We have fabricated tens of thousands of interactive LCD panels and digital signage for thousands of our clients abroad.

As a leading kiosk supplier, OkDigitalSignage unveiled its most popular product line interactive flat-panel display (IFPD) in the first half of 2018.

Now they are performing stably throughout the globe during the Covid19 shutdown to help lots of corporations communicate without having to gather in a meeting room.

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