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What Is An IFPD (Interactive Flat Panel Displays)?

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IFPD is short for interactive flat panel displays. It is comprised of a large touch screen display, Android motherboard, OPS(Open Pluggable Specification), speakers, camera, and a few interfaces. They are designed for collaborative activities, such as business meetings, products presentation, teaching in schools, coaching and training, and so on.

Sometimes, they are also called interactive flat panels

IFPD is a trendy product that will supersede traditional projectors, whiteboards with projectors, televisions, and personal computers.

Let’s dive in to learn more details now!

What Is An Interactive Flat Panel Display
Interactive Flat Panel Display

What Is An Interactive Flat Panel Display?

Interactive flat panel displays are big touchscreen displays that are designed for education in classrooms, distance learning, remote collaboration, and meeting in business activities.

As mentioned above, the main parts of an interactive flat panel display include 

  • Touch screen
  • Motherboard for android system
  • OPS for Windows system (intel i3, i5, i7)
  • Wireless mirroring tool
  • Speakers
  • Camera
  • Smart Pen
  • Wall mount accessory
  • Movable floor stand

Touch Screen

Touch Screen
Touch Screen

The regular sizes of the touch screen are 55” 65” 75” 86” 98” 110”. It adopts infrared touch screen technology, which allows you to write and mark on the screen without any delay. 

Furthermore, OkDigitalSignage applies zero-gap bonding to our product, so you will get less touch deviation and a better user experience.

The resolution supports high-quality 4K, which ensures legible displays for every detail of the files. However, if your application only requires simple representation, 2K resolution is also a  cost-effective solution for you.

Operating System


OkDigitalSignage IFPD has built-in Android OS, so it acts more like a large-scale mobile phone, you can install any APP you want. Under Android OS, remote meetings can be easier since it supports up to 9 remote terminals on an IFPD.

On the back side of the display, there is a port for OPS (Open Pluggable Specification), you can install Windows OS into the OPS. 

With our engineer’s optimization, switching between the 2 systems can be very smooth. But OPS is not a necessary component if Windows OS is not a must for your cases.

Wireless mirroring

IFPD wireless mirroring
IFPD Wireless Mirroring

Projecting your screen to the interactive flat panel display can be one of the salient features, because, most of the time, you need to share your screen with others in an interactive activity.

So wireless mirroring makes works more convenient than ever, you do not need to connect to IFPD with HDMI to realize this function, in some cases, the HDMI cable is not long enough to reach your position.

instead, there are 2 ways that you can use to share your presentation wirelessly.

  • Scanning the QR code shown on the IFPD – after installing some specific software, you can transfer your data within the LAN through the wireless route
  • External wireless mirroring tools with USB port – without software installation, you only need to connect this tool to your PC through the USB port.

OkDigitalSignage’s interactive flat panel display supports devices with any OS in the market, such as devices with windows, android, macOS, iOS, and so on.


IFPD Accessories
IFPD Accessories

OkDigitalSignage’s interactive flat panels have brackets to secure to the wall. But most of our customers prefer fixing them to a movable floor stand so that they can adjust the position and viewpoint according to various scenarios 

What We Can Do By Using Interactive Flat Panel Displays?

Compared with obsolete projectors in schools and offices, IFPD’s connectivity and interactivity make it more convenient for a nowadays fast-paced lifestyle.

Education in classrooms

For teachers, they can prepare and edit teaching materials which are stored on school’s server on their own PC anytime and anywhere as long as there is a connection to the internet, and open and read them on IFPD in every classroom.

teachers do not have to take teaching materials from one classroom to another, because everything is on the cloud.

Students can scan QR codes to save notes maked on the digital board by teachers, and review them after class, so as to save in-class time and enhance their concentration.

Distance learning

An interactive flat panel display can connect to the network via wifi or LAN, and it is integrated with the camera, speaker, and microphone, this allows it to distribute real-time teaching to students from different locations.

Especially in a situation when you have difficulty going to school, for example, covid 19 lockdown. This function can be very useful.

Remote collaboration

There are a lot of APPs compiled for IFPD. The APPs have functions to utilize cameras and touchscreens, so the IFPD works as a hub, and your team members can highlight and mark on your screen from their own devices.

Leadership and management

Brainstorming, coaching, project planning, and almost everything in a cooperative business stage can be managed or well-organized through IFPD.

Entertainment at home

OkDigitalSignage’s IFPD incorporates TV and computer. With a huge screen, it provides you with compelling visual effects when either watching TV with families or playing PC games together.

Projectors, whiteboard & projector combos were popular, but today they have to give way to new technologies because IFPD not only can realize all the functions that old-fashion models can do but also has lots of advantages. Let’s talk in the following section.

Advantages Of The Interactive Flat Panel Displays

IFPD is a new display solution for next-generation, it can solve many problems that last generation can not transpire.

Better Image Quality

No matter whether projectors or whiteboard projector combo displays content by reflecting lights emitted by projector, they require the wall or whiteboard to have a high reflective rate, but most of the time, we only get 75%, so the images lost their real color and look as if they are tinged with greyish.

IFPD changes this situation completely. They show the pictures directly from its screen, which support 4K resolution and 100% sRGB

Massive Software

People often choose the project with dual system, so there will be no limit for you to choose software from both Android and Windows

The software can be common software for computers, as well as specially designed ones to enhance collaboration and efficiency. These software can help you seamlessly integrate with other existing technology platforms.

Be A Member Of The Business Circles

Sometimes, we have to learn to take advantage of current resources, you do not have to do everything from the scratch.

With the help of software, you will have even more resources from other platforms which may have built mature business circumstances.


IFPD incorporate almost all the major interface in the market, such as Ethernet, HDMI-IN, RJ45, AV-IN, RS232 UART, AV-OUT, SPDIF, WIFI, Android USB3.0, and Touch USB.

Users with any device can have access to the IFPD, it acts as an interactive hub. Through WiFi or Ethernet, it can save files to the cloud server, this makes the information accessible to colleagues  in one project

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